The long-term success and sustainability of this food knowledge ecosystem depends on trust and shared commitments to further develop the infrastructure, engage others, and oversee its evolution. While NESAWG will serve as one of several backbone organizations for this endeavor, it seeks to advance NEFKE through shared leadership with others that generate and/or work with food systems information at all levels.

An inclusive networked governance structure is necessary to move NEFKE forward. While still evolving, we are convening a group of individuals (with representation from all network partner orgs) to guide ongoing design and oversight of issues related to:

  • Data formatting, reporting and sharing standards
  • Content priorities and taxonomies (shared vocabularies/tagging systems)
  • Information sharing policies and protocols, including intellectual property and privacy
  • Scaling out NEFKE beyond the pilot phase
  • Outreach and training
  • Developing and updating knowledge platforms and tools
  • Long term sustainability

Stay tuned, and check back here for updates!