Mission Statement (DRAFT)

The Northeast Food Knowledge Ecosystem (NEFKE) is collaborative effort seeking to make food system related knowledge resources more discoverable, usable and easier to share, supporting and connecting a broad range of food systems practitioners, researchers, educators and supporters across the Northeast U.S. and beyond.

We envision this evolving knowledge ecosystem fostering a “network of networks”, helping link and align private, public and civil society sector knowledge assets and efforts in support of both individual and shared goals, and ongoing virtuous cycles of innovation.

Collectively, we seek measurable improvement related to: sustainable agriculture; healthful, equitable food systems; and the associated well-being and adaptive capacity of communities and landscapes across our region.

Networked learning, informed, coordinated decision making, and collaboration based on trust and complex reciprocity are recognized as critical in realizing those aspirations.

Developing network infrastructure, services, standards and governance systems connecting not replacing existing efforts, supporting the above through relationship building is a central aspect of our work.