What is NEFKE, and why should I "register"?

The Northeast Food Knowledge Ecosystem (NEFKE) is collaborative effort supported by multiple organizations seeking to make food system related information more discoverable, usable and easier to exchange in support of shared food system goals across the Northeast US and beyond. By upgrading our regional information infrastructure, this evolving knowledge ecosystem is helping link and align the assets and efforts of a broad range of practitioners, researchers, educators and advocates.

Sharing information about you, your project or organization in our registry will enable others to more easily find you and your resources, enhancing opportunities for collaboration, while helping reduce unnecessary duplication of effort and competition. Our work parallels and is modeled after similar work in science and academia like the VIVO/AgriVIVO projects. One way of contributing information to the NEFKE registry is through this Google form: www.tinyurl.com/nefke-form

You can learn more about NEFKE here: http://nefke.nesawg.org

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